Happy NCC 2019 Adoption Day

As all practitioners are aware, 1 May 2019 is the adoption date for the 2019 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC). NCC 2019 is given legal effect by the Victorian Building Act in Victoria and the other relevant legislation in each jurisdiction.

Transition Period

For NCC 2019, a 12 month transitional period ending 30 April 2020 applies to the energy efficiency provisions in Section J of Volume One and Parts 2.6 and 3.12 of Volume Two. During this time either the new NCC 2019 provisions or those from NCC 2016 may be used.

Delayed Adoption

The new Fire Safety Verification Method (FSVM) will not be adopted from 1 May, 2019. Instead, a delayed adoption date of 1 May 2020 will apply. Keep an eye on the ABCB website as we release more information about how we are helping practitioners prepare for using the new FSVM.

Consolidated Performance Requirements

For NCC 2019 the Consolidated Performance Requirements will not be released as a separate document. You can access the Performance Requirements for each Volume by choosing the ‘Filter by’ option located at the top of the Table of Contents within NCC online.

NCC Seminars Available Online

If you missed attending the ABCB recent 2019 NCC Seminars, you can now watch the webcasts here:

  • NCC 2019: Building Code of Australia update (Part 1): 51 min
  • NCC 2019: Building Code of Australia update (Part 2): 45 min
  • NCC 2019: Building Code of Australia update (Part 3): 5 min
  • NCC 2019: Plumbing Code of Australia update: 36 mins
  • NCC 2019: Standards Australia update: 29 mins