10 Star Home Under Construction

Progress is well underway for Adelaide’s first 10 Star Home by Building Designer SUHO.

During July, August and September builders have poured the slab, formed the dedicated service penetrations in the slab instead of the walls, structural framework work installed, termite protection membrane laid, insulation installed within the rafters, metal roofing, the OSB board taped and sealed.

Part of being a KESAB (Keep South Australia Beautiful) ‘Clean Site’, the 10 Star Home is also providing training to contractors and through tertiary institutions during the construction.

The slab work included a significant recess to allow for an additional insulation layer for the 10 Star rating. Kingspan Kooltherm K12 panels were used on the outside. These were screwed to the frame and taped to each other as part of the airtight strategy and therefore no services were allowed to enter the home through this layer. The layering on insulation provides strategic air gaps that are either ventilated or unventilated for to ensure that we are allowing the products to work in the best way possible. It was also for Woolcock Constructions, the builder to ensure that the installation was coordinated heavily because of the weather.

Brickwork commenced in October using PGH Bricks – manufactured locally in Golden Grove, S.A. The Reverse Brick Veneer design was tested through Roborater as the best choice for the project as the density provided more winter warmth for the home. The products are in all areas possible left raw (and unrendered) to ensure that the maximum capture of heat was obtained.

Windows finally arrived so the home is now at lockup. The triple glazed thermally broken units were installed with the air-tight membrane, vapour membranes and sill tape to ensure maximum air-tight seal. Woolcock Constructions and SUHO proved the air-tightness strategy was an achievable construction with the first Air-Tightness test achieving an incredible result of possibly better than 0.7ACH @50p. SUHO are hoping on the final test at completion will hit the passivhaus level of ACH which is 0.6.

Partner & sponsor products installed to date are:

  • Kingspan K12 & Permicav
  • PGH Bricks
  • Revolution roofing and Bluescope roofing and flashings
  • Proclima wraps, tapes, consulting and training provided by Climasure
  • Okanlux triple glazed thermally broken aluminium windows
10 Star home under construction
10 Star home under construction