10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge 2018

The Challenge is On!

The BDAV’s 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge is on again. This is a fantastic opportunity for BDAV Members to demonstrate their design skills and industry knowledge to a wider audience.

Repeatedly, in the media, the industry is called upon to embrace innovative technologies that improve the energy efficiency performance of homes, so this is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate the advancements you have achieved.

The challenge is to prepare a residential design across any climate zone in Australia for a single dwelling or multi-residential project and achieve a NatHERS 10 Star energy rating.

Any of the currently accredited NatHERS software (AccuRate, BERS Pro, FirstRate5) may be used to confirm performance. The NatHERS energy rating must be completed by a NatHERS accredited assessor.

Whilst entries close on 5 February 2018, this is not an exercise that can be ‘left to the last minute’ as, to achieve 10-stars requires considerable working and re-working of the design, generally in consultation with other professionals.

Indeed, past entrants have observed that getting from 9 to 10 stars is a major achievement.

Queries to info@bdav.org.au.

(Image is Paradigm Shift by Sustainability House – the 2017 winner.)