25 Years of Membership

At the 2019 Design Matters Awards celebration recognition was made to a number of long-serving Members who have been Members for 25 or more years.

These Members are (in alphabetical order):

Donald Abbes

The late, Donald Abbes who’s family accepted this honour before his passing
Member Number 75
Date Joined: 14/4/1994

Cleo Di Paolo

Member Number 84
Date Joined: 12/7/1994

Gavan Doran

Member Number 85
Date Joined: 21/7/1994

Paul Haines

Member Number 91
Date Joined: 21/7/1994

Michael Mettes

Member Number 302
Date Joined: 26/2/1994

Paul Simmons

Member Number 73
Date Joined: 17/2/1994

Shane Thomas

Member Number 88
Date Joined: 21/7/1994

Photo features 25 year Member Mike Mettes