This year the number of nominees for positions on the BDAV’s Committee of Management exceeded the number of vacant positions. Accordingly it was necessary for members to nominate their preferences to ascertain who would serve on the Committee for the next two years.

While waiting for the votes to be counted, we were regaled with presentations from Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning, outgoing President Alastair McDonald, a final Treasurer’s report by Dominique Hunter, a final Building Practitioners Board report from David Cooke, Florent Hostein representing James Hardie Australia – our highly-valued Diamond Sponsor – and the presentations were rounded off with an enlightening insight from Building Designer of the Year, Luke Middleton.

BDAV was honoured to welcome Minister for Planning, the Hon Richard Wynne to our AGM. Minister Wynne delivered some inkling as to how the current government sees a way of accommodating the anticipated extra 100,000 people a year while endeavoring to retain our much-admired status of having a state capital that is repeatedly judged the most livable city on the planet. New visions for Fisherman’s Bend and the Arden precinct are projected to provide major contributions to the necessary urban fabric.

The recent purchase by the State Government of the General Motors site in Fisherman’s Bend was executed with the objective of kick-starting an employment incubator for jobs in design and technology riding alongside the GM global design hub that will remain on the site. The challenge has been set for a new community where living, working, and playing are all provided for will promise to deliver a much anticipated holy grail of urban design, the 20 minute city.

The Arden-Macaulay precinct, a significant tract of land in Government ownership, to the south of the North Melbourne football ground, can see urban renewal on a grand scale with the benefit of sitting at the north end of the new Metro Tunnel.

All this infrastructure and construction growth will certainly create jobs and with appropriately informed stewardship will hopefully also create even more livable places than those we have been enjoying in recent times.

After the vision statement, members were generously allowed some time to ask questions of the Minister on topics of interest.

The President’s report gave us a concise summary of the BDAV’s achievements over the last year which confirmed why the work of the Committee and the Secretariat is held in such high regard.

Dominique Hunter was proud to be leaving the Treasurer’s desk after 8 years and able to present audited accounts that showed a surplus for FY16.

Restructuring of Victoria’s building regulatory environment has seen the role of the Building Practitioners Board absorbed into the workings of the Victorian Building Authority. Accordingly the report from David Cooke was the last from a BDAV representative after many years of distinguished service by senior, respected BDAV members. All BDAV members are grateful for the years of service on the BPB by Frank Masten, Noel Perkins, Narelle Lockwood, Geoff Hoare and David Cooke.

James Hardie Australia has long been a valued supporter of the BDAV and regularly provides product update information presentations at out seminar events. In recent times, Florent Hostein has become the familiar face of that relationship. He took this opportunity to make sure that building designers are aware of new products and systems that are constantly being developed by Hardie’s, like HardieDeck.

The AGM has become an opportunity for acknowledgement of the professional excellence of the practice responsible for BDAV Building of the Year. Luke Middleton did not disappoint, with a detailed ‘warts and all’ explanation of the design and delivery by EME Design of Artisan Apartments.

He also took the opportunity to compare the Artisan Apartments’ project with other domestic accommodation models in terms of life-cycle energy analysis. A range of statistics clearly demonstrated how other typologies, especially those like Eureka Tower, are extraordinarily disappointing when it comes to sustainability and living within the constraints of our finite resources. Both embodied and operational energy comparisons made a powerful case as to why low rise medium density examples like Artisan Apartments should be considered seriously as the best way of accommodating the coming influx of population that the Minister indicated he is planning for.

After all that, the results of the office holder election were announced. The new Committee, for 2016-2018, comprises Lindsay Douglas (President), Dominique Hunter (Vice-President), Ingrid Hornung (Treasurer), Alastair McDonald (Immediate Past-President), as well as Marc Bernstein, Tim Ellis, Andrew Ferris, Peter Lombo, and Sven Maxa.

All in all, the AGM capped off another successful year in the life of the BDAV, and all those who contribute to and benefit from relationships with the Association.

BDAV Committee of Management 2016-2018
BDAV Committee of Management 2016-2018