Assist BDAV with Future Issues

Expressions of Interest invited to assist BDAV with Future Issues

The BDAV’s Committee of Management has decided to move away from static subcommittees to a dynamic working-party framework to assist with the preparation of responses to government and industry on issues that affect the membership.

Instead of calling on Members each year to attend regular subcommittee meetings and providing feedback on broad areas such as Interior Design, Planning, Practice Notes etc, the BDAV is going to create a register of Members’ expertise and interests, so that when the Committee highlights an issue that needs to be addressed, the BDAV can contact those Members on the register who have the relevant expertise and interest, to ascertain whether they may be available to be involved in a discussion on the issue at hand. If you then find you are available and interested, you can be involved; otherwise someone else on the list would be approached.

A small working group will be created for each project’s life which may require input anywhere from a week to a month to 12 months. Depending on the issue, it may only require a single or multiple meetings (which can be conducted either via online means or face-to-face), or may just require written feedback to a discussion paper via email.

To assist to put together this framework, we ask any Members who are interested in volunteering their expertise or to have their opinions included in BDAV submissions to completed the below survey, which consists of only three questions:

  • Full Name [so we can contact you]
  • Select the list of areas you are interested in potentially contributing
  • Local government areas where you undertake the majority of your work

We look forward to your involvement in future government and industry issues that may arise.