ATA Rebrands to Renew

Alternative Technology Association changes its name to Renew

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) has changed its name to Renew. The name was selected from an extensive list of alternative names, and was the overwhelming favourite based on:

  • Its ability to elicit a positive emotional reaction: a sense of energy and optimism.
  • The definition that suggests an attempt to extend the future of a healthy environment.
  • Shares a connection to the history of the organisation with its publication ReNew.

The name change won’t change what the ATA does. Indeed, the ATA says: “we are building on our foundations, and accelerating and scaling up our impact.”

“We will still work closely with our 6700+ members and our network of 14 active branches throughout the country. We will keep publishing our market-leading sustainability magazines Renew and Sanctuary and running our popular events Speed Date a Sustainability Expert, EV Expo and Sustainable House Day.”

“We will advocate even more strongly that all Australians should live in comfortable, affordable, healthy homes that are resilient to a changing climate.”

Why do this now?

The ATA believe it is time to move to the next stage and gear up to tackle the challenges currently being faced.

“There is an urgent need to reduce our carbon emissions to curb the impacts of climate change. All Australians should live in comfortable, healthy and resilient homes that consume minimal energy, water and resources, and produce zero emissions from energy and transport. ATA was at the vanguard and will continue to be ahead of the game.”

“With the general public searching widely for innovative ways to live more sustainably and increased media attention on viable solutions that arise from such innovation, we have a greater opportunity than ever to make an impact,” said the ATA.