Authentic Light

Championing Melbourne Lighting Designers in the Face of Cheap Knock Offs

Authentic Light, written by BDAV Member, Adele Locke, is the book that champions local talent while inspiring Australians to light up their homes affordably.

Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery when it comes to lighting design. In fact, ‘replica’ lighting design is just a fancy way to say counterfeit.

While Australia still continues to allow the sale of cheap knock-offs without criminal charges, Adele Locke is a woman on a mission to educate Australians on what it really means to buy a replica. “Currently, Australian law lets people steal design and use the designer’s name to sell it. Replicas have absolutely no affiliation with the original designer,” Locke explains.
Buying a ‘replica’ for your home is parallel to buying a cheap knock-off Chanel bag from the boot of a car. While there’s a belief that buying the replica is the cheaper option to get the designer look for less, Locke proves that buying from the original designer can be “totally affordable for whatever your budget.”

Locke goes on, “It’s all about learning how to shop locally”. Authentic Light walks homeowners and interior decorators through how to bring designer lighting into their homes using lighting designers based in Melbourne.

The bottom line is that replica lighting companies steal ideas from designers, leaving homeowners with cheaper fittings that can diminish the value of their home.

Authentic Light provides step-by-step instructions for designers, homeowners, and interior decorators to light up homes and hearts using locally sourced designers.

Locke urges Australians to vote with their dollar. To choose locally. And to enjoy Authentic Light.

Authentic Light can be found by CLICKING HERE.