80 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

Jarrod Sinclair

The brief was to provide a concept retail branch for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank that could be drawn from for future design and specification. As a high end finish, this pilot would sit at the top of a three-tiered design that could see two additional specifications delivered to offer a similar look and feel from lesser budgets. The corporate colours had to be featured in the design. New technologies, contrasting spaces and a flexible branch that allows for future function were high priorities. With a challenging site footprint, this design has utilised the odd shape and allows a natural flow of spaces that lead from service to service without confusion or disorientation. The result is a dynamic branch with interchangeable glass, hidden storage and retractable shutters. The design is bold, modern and clean line, utilising newly available technologies, features and finishes. Deliberate components celebrate early traditions and are symbolic to the durability and the longevity of the Bank. A visit to the branch emulates a journey where customers feel invited and engaged by the atmosphere provided.

1 award

    • 2017 Winner

Block Court Restoration

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