Bannockburn Cultural Centre

Dig Design

Incorporating the use of the existing hall, a new community centre was required to cater for the needs of an ever-expanding township at Bannockburn. It had to accommodate a public hall, meeting rooms, youth centre, short term office accommodation, meeting rooms, gallery space, landscaped gardens and the Shire’s first permanent library. Built by volunteers after the original hall was razed by fire, the decision was made to retain the existing building within the new complex. Access issued for CFA facilities located on site needed to be addressed. With dual street frontage, the main entrance was located centrally, whilst a strong public presence was given on the main street. A cohesive centre that can be utilised as a whole, areas can also be zoned and operated separately. The existing building was converted into flexible meeting spaces and a youth centre. A central entrance foyer is a flexible space, with the rejuvenated hall, new public hall and new library accessed from here. The client and public have embraced the centre; in its opening week there were more than 3,000 visitors. A contemporary palette of materials and finishes is used throughout the entire centre connecting spaces and activities. Colours are fresh and exciting, drawing attention to the centre and the activities it offers. Spaces are light and bright with large format windows and roof glazing providing natural light to central areas. Spaces are flexible with glazed partitions and operable walls used to divide and expand spaces, with window graphics used to create differing levels of privacy.

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    • 2016 Winner

Agnes 4

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    • 2014 Winner

Carpenter Street Residence

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    • 2012 Commendation

Hannan Street Residence

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