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Bermondsey is an exquisite example of what can be achieved to not only maximise yield on a restrictive site, but do so in a sympathetic and respectful way. The transformation of this beautiful but tired old heritage-listed Victorian building, with attached ill-fitting 1960’s brick hall, is testament to the forethought and brave directions taken here. The result is a very clever use of the land slope to allow for a multi-storey, multi-unit development which combines the tastefully revamped/internally remodelled Bermondsey and three new modern townhouses; each one unique. New combines with old, but in no way takes from it, with new exterior sheik lines, colours and use of varied materials, which as the designer aptly notes help to ‘reinvigorate not only the existing building but also the entire site and its relationship with its two street interfaces’. Careful consideration to interiors is also a key to the success of this development. The kitchens and bathrooms are vibrant, modern and luxurious, but not overstated. Living areas are warm and uncluttered. The use of blade markers to windows not only add to its exterior charm, but serve well to both filter light and screen as necessary. Decks extend living areas, and the use of full slider screens create an almost seamless connection between the two. All in all an outstanding result has been achieved in this unit development; something both the designers and clients can be proud of.

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Firewood and Candles

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Richmond Hill House

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