Brunswick Residence

Maxa Design

The design of this inner city alteration/ addition demonstrates an innovative response to a challenging site with multiple constraints. On a site with an east west orientation, and neighbouring buildings abutting both south and north boundaries, this designer has created a home that accommodates a demanding brief. In addition to the usual requirements of a home, this includes a study, art studio, workshop and library. Within this relatively small footprint, and tight budget, the many functional requirements of the brief are accommodated in a thoughtful and engaging way. The design maximises the use of the existing fabric, retaining and adapting both the garage at the rear, and the original front rooms of the house. Durable, practical materials are used to create a linking addition that has a big impact. Attention to detail in the design of the new glazing makes the most of the available solar gain to the new living and dining area, while creating a visually dynamic courtyard facade. The overall form of the new work is dramatic, reflecting a unique response to the specific constraints of the site, maintaining solar access to the neighbouring site while maximising both light and ventilation to the new home. This home will surprise and delight both occupants and visitors into the future. It fulfils a demanding brief on a complex site with style.

2 awards

    • 2019 Commendation

Heathmont Passive House

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    • 2018 Commendation


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    • 2016 Winner

Culvert House Trentham

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    • 2016 Commendation

Bishop House

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    • 2015 Winner

Glen Iris Residence

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    • 2014 Commendation

Warragul Residence

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    • 2013 Winner


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    • 2011 Winner

Tonimbuk Residence

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