Chelsea Beach Apartments

Neil Fletcher Design Pty Ltd

This project illustrates how a creative and thoughtful design response can assist in maximising the yield and profitability of an infill project. The development incorporates 10 dwellings (with underground car parking) on a site of 690 square metres. The response fully utilises the characteristics of the immediately abutting interfaces, including an adjoining commercial car-park, and surrounding area to provide a higher than expected yield, whilst maintaining the existing neighbourhood character. The simple, up-right ground and first floor layouts ensure efficiencies in construction cost and detail. The sheer façade elements, so often a significant concern at the planning stage, have been visually broken with the use of a variety of materials, balconies, extruded features, varied roof forms and a landscaping design (including multiple canopy trees) that will eventually provide a pleasant, and varied, green curtain in which the form will reside. The interior of the dwellings, although simple, provides all the amenities required. The upper level balconies and roof top deck provide glimpses and views Port Phillip Bay. The overall outcome provides a solution to the brief that will undoubtedly impress any developer seeking a good return on their investment.

1 award