Convertible Courtyards House (Retractable Roof)

Megowan Architectural

The designer of this alterations and additions project attributes the conceptual strength of the design to the manually operated roof which travels twelve metres from north to south to provide shelter to two deck areas. Eschewing expensive commercially available and somewhat bland operable roof systems, the designer has provided a transparent roof which has the pleasingly agricultural aesthetic of the addition to the house to which it is appurtenant. This aesthetic belies the complexity of the mechanism, which involves a system of rails, pulleys and counterweights to enable manual operation by a hand winch. A further innovation is the ability to collect rainwater from the mobile roof by way of a galvanised steel aqueduct, which forms an elegant water feature running in front of the neighbouring boundary brickwork to a rainwater tank at the end of the garden. As a small works project, this roof is successful on many levels, not the least of which are the amenity and drama that it provides. In addition, there is satisfaction in the fact that not only was the idea conceived as a creative solution where a small budget would not allow for a commercial alternative, but that the designer had the courage and ingenuity to bring it to fruition.

2 awards

    • 2016 Commendation

Cumquat Tree House

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