Culvert House Trentham

Maxa Design

The Culvert House Trentham is a fresh approach to a country house utilising iconic built forms. Sited to maximise the outlook and winter solar access, the home demonstrates the essence of passive solar design principles. The design provides the occupants a zero energy and zero water future through low-tech integrated systems, allowing them an uncomplicated lifestyle in a beautiful rural setting. Simple gable forms and the rectilinear plan facilitated an economical build. Externally expressed with elegant and sustainable material selections, the use of spotted gum vertical cladding references the adjacent mature gum trees. This very liveable country home demonstrates an elegant and simple execution of the clients’ requirements, providing them with a beautiful, self-sufficient home on a limited budget.

2 awards

    • 2019 Commendation

Heathmont Passive House

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    • 2018 Commendation


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    • 2016 Commendation

Bishop House

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    • 2015 Winner

Glen Iris Residence

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    • 2014 Winner

Brunswick Residence

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    • 2014 Commendation

Warragul Residence

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    • 2013 Winner


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    • 2011 Winner

Tonimbuk Residence

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