Dromana House Redevelopment

Foli8 Design

The brief was to redevelop, modernise and extend the existing house, providing for individual adult family members cohabitating in shared living zones, but also providing zoned living and entertaining areas, for when ‘getaway’ space and privacy was desired. The clients also wished to retain the existing footprint as much as possible, and to create abundant light and increase spatial heights. The project brief carried many challenges due to site constraints, as well as the site having many Environmentally Sensitive Planning Scheme Overlays – 13 in total, including a Wildfire Management Overlay. This design demonstrates great insight, by utilising the existing built form then strategically widening rooms and combining other spaces. Re-positioning of the entry and re-aligning entry walls was a master stroke to create the sense of space. The finished home has a delightful sense of balance with zones to provide a flexible lifestyle. Views have been focused from all rooms, and the garden brought into the house at every opportunity. Internally, the detailing is consistent and well thought-out.

1 award