Emmaus College, Vermont South

EM Building Design

The challenge here was to convert an existing multi-purpose hall – the type and layout consistent with so many schools – into a performing arts centre complete with a 250-300 seat auditorium, performance area, drama/dance room and gallery…. all contained within the original concrete building shell, and to a limited budget and construction timeframe. The existing structure of the building with its high ceilings allowed for the addition of a mezzanine floor. The project scope meant that timber floors were to be retained. In addition, minor exterior alterations give a refreshing lift to the exterior front façade of the building. The acoustic panels used throughout provide vibrancy and create context, with an array of colours and textures, and the splashes of colour used throughout add life to the generally crisp lines. The result is that the new and revamped floor spaces are functional, flexible and aesthetically pleasing. The changes created by this total refit are so dramatic that you have the impression that you are actually entering a totally different building. A tremendous result has been achieved here in this innovative and modern facility; the benefits we’re sure the students will reap for some time to come.

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