Firewood and Candles

Rachcoff Vella Architecture Pty Ltd

Firewood and Candles is the sort of project that many would see as a complete rebuild but Rachcoff Vella Architecture’s clients saw its potential beauty.

2 awards

Keeping the shell of the former dairy shed mostly untouched to preserve the history, character and charm of the building’s previous use, the interior has been revitalised with a combination of raw materials and soft furnishings to beautifully integrate new additions into the original structure.


High windows in the living areas let light filter in to the home’s living spaces creating a warm and homely atmosphere. This warmth is juxtaposed by the bathroom, which pays homage to its original purpose as the dairy ‘cool room’. Coated in crisp white tiling and modern plumbing fixtures adorned with greenery, this room is a welcoming addition to a once unliveable structure.


The kitchen is modern, creative and timeless and yet so respectful of the character and history of the home.. A custom built fireplace provides light and warmth, in addition to the strategic pruning of the surrounding canopy which allows sunlight to filter through the clerestory windows.


Sustainability challenges in terms of heat retention and airtightness were addressed with the insertion of floor, wall and roof insulation. Firewood and Candles’ restoration is a brilliant transformation of a once old and tired space.

    • 2018 Winner


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    • 2016 Winner

Richmond Hill House

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    • 2013 Winner


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