Glyde Residence

JFK Design Landscape / Buildings / Interiors

This project combines sophisticated planning and site consideration with elegant, considered detailing. Clever building massing has achieved both a well-resolved northern orientation to maximise passive-solar gain whilst achieving interesting and well flowing interior spaces. The street-front treatment is an understated gabled front façade referencing traditional forms existing in the adjacent buildings, but given interest through the clever use of minimalist form and colour. This provides for a calm sense of entry into the house that belies the dynamic journey from a more traditional plan form to the rear of the house, which opens out into a light-filled generous space with seamless connections to external decks and garden areas: ‘A little gem in the back garden’. Interior spaces reflect careful, considered and sophisticated detailing, in keeping with the overall essence of this home. Robust finishes selections internally and externally lend a simple liveability to this finished project befitting the client’s brief for a house that could ‘withstand the rough and tumble of children’. This home is beautifully built, detailed and finished.

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    • 2018 Winner

Project Napier

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    • 2017 Winner

Project Carlisle

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    • 2016 Winner

Taking it to the Bank

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