Green & Gold House

Positive Footprints Pty Ltd

The brief was to provide an energy and water sufficient family home, with wheelchair access and for multi-generational living. Every opportunity to maximise the energy efficiency of this home was explored and, in the process, the designer created a home that let the owners live lightly and thrive. The completed design is a 9 star rated home through the use of passive design, insulation, thermal massing and well-designed glazing systems. In addition, technologies and innovations have enabled the occupants to have greater control, and reduce their energy and water usage. A building management system was installed linking an external weather station and internal temperature sensors. The system gives automated control to the living area's awning blind, controls the opening and closing of high level windows for ventilation and heat control, controls the gas boost of the hot water service to avoid heating unnecessarily, activates the earth tube cooling system, and monitors all energy use. The earth-tube cooling system draws internal air through the 2.5m deep buried tubes using the greywater-moistened ground temperature. The air is cooled to 18 degrees before being returned back into the living spaces of the home, at only 7% of the energy used by an air-conditioner. The management system has shown that, over a year, the home uses almost half the power and one-tenth of the gas used by an average Melbourne home, despite the power needed for special needs care. The energy use is complemented by a large edible garden watered by a 7,000 litre tank collecting all rainwater from the roof.

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