Hannan Street Residence

Dig Design

The design outcome for this project is worthy of a commendation. This entrant’s design purpose was to satisfy their clients’ love of their existing home while providing them with a modern setting for their family. In doing this, the designer has used timber to represent the change (internally) from the old to the new, not diluting period style, while stating the new contemporary spaces. Using the element of timber, both internally and externally, has transformed the context of the existing dwelling into one of a new character of design that is original, uncomplicated, and bold enough to make its own presence. Externally, the use of timber in moving from weatherboard of the existing to shiplap cladding for the new area facilitates that change. The innovative built form of the rear verandah, using curved timber, frames the rear of the dwelling and encapsulates the imagery of this house for the future and what it will represent as a modern ‘innovatively designed’ family home. Congratulations!

1 award

    • 2016 Winner

Agnes 4

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    • 2014 Winner

Carpenter Street Residence

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    • 2013 Commendation

Bannockburn Cultural Centre

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