Heidelberg Home

Ingrid Hornung

This project is a testament to the difference that cleverly designed extensions can make to a home without breaking the budget. This simple, solid brick, post-war home exhibited poor connectivity to outdoor areas, and afforded occupants minimal solar access and a somewhat dark and stayed internal amenity (relatively typical of the era). In contrast, the awarded design has created a level of interest and complexity, and has substantially enhanced the utility of the home. A house with little space and no connection to the garden has been transformed into a home with room for everyone, a variety of accessible outdoor spaces, and superbly enhanced solar access and internal amenity. Two rectangular volumes, each with a raked roof, were used to create two internal spaces (the parents’ room, and the new living area), and three separate outdoor areas. The north and east gardens are distinctly different social spaces; the south courtyard provides a private outlook for wet areas and two bedrooms. The overall result is a transformation from ‘1940’s drab’ to ‘modern living’.

1 award