Highway Property

Brandrick Architects

Wrapped in a blue curtain, this modern two-storey office block is an outstanding example of how the innovative use of glass can create a landmark building. The cloak of more than 300 glass panels floats above the pedestrian footpath creating a remarkably light and dazzling veneer. The highly reflective panels bounce the surrounding environment and sky back to the casual passerby, providing an ever-changing façade. On the inside, the blue screen floods the building with cool filtered light, a welcome relief from the harsh summer sun. Large glassed internal walls and balustrading provide unvetted views through the building and beyond. The external environment is bought inside to enlarge the internal spaces. A rounded-rectangular opening within the façade corresponds with the internal void to capture the clear outlook from the first floor across a nearby intersection to the Murray River and Banyule Park State Forest. This building is truly brought alive with movement and colour, both inside and out, by the remarkable use of glass.

2 awards

    • 2017 Winner

Moama Anglican Grammar School

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