Holmesglen Student Hub & Learning Commons

Crosier Scott & Associates Pty Ltd

The new Student Hub and Learning Commons facility at Holmesglen’s Moorabbin campus is a vibrant, open and accessible structure that embodies modern student values and drives collaboration.

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Crosier Scott Architects cohesively connected a campus of disjointed buildings within a complex multi-facility learning centre. Through clever planning the Learning Commons works as a single facility made up of several flexible study and social zones. The design strategically uses windows to expand sightlines across the campus and improve green space connections.


Natural light filters through voids and windows in a unique way to brighten and enhance the student experience. The colours adopted are fun, different and cool, making this a vibrant social area for students to learn, converse and study within.

    • 2018 Winner

Ego Pharmaceuticals Headquarters

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    • 2016 Winner

BCM Headquarters

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