Maxa Design

Designed to Passivhaus standards, this project adopts a unique response to energy efficiency, using its form to help produce a highly-efficient building, by using R6 insulation to the ceiling and the floor area.

2 awards

It also takes great care in closing any gaps within the building and then providing a way for condensation to escape the building via small apertures to the floor area in the external cladding. The Passivhaus construction methodologies ensure not only a high level of occupant comfort, but an overall energy-efficient building that will stand the test of time.

    • 2019 Commendation

Heathmont Passive House

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    • 2016 Winner

Culvert House Trentham

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    • 2016 Commendation

Bishop House

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    • 2015 Winner

Glen Iris Residence

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    • 2014 Winner

Brunswick Residence

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    • 2014 Commendation

Warragul Residence

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    • 2013 Winner


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    • 2011 Winner

Tonimbuk Residence

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