Kew House 3

Vibe Design Group

This steep sloping urban block presented substantial constraints to the designer requiring careful consideration in preparing the design response. And the response is brilliant! By incorporating the slope into the design, the house seems to ‘float’ above the lower driveway and garage. The three-storey form touches the ground incredibly lightly, resulting in an intriguing street presence. The magic of the street elevation is further enhanced with the use of vertical and horizontally orientated timber cladding, creative extruded forms and a low pedestrian bridge providing a fun feature upon which to access the front door. The magic and fun embedded in the street elevation wraps around the entire building. The combination of timber and aluminium cladding, uniquely shaped windows combine with interesting cantilevered and well balanced forms to ensure this home’s beauty can be enjoyed from all angles. The cleverly resolved layout maximises internal/external living opportunities. The highly detailed interior includes an extensive veneer-panelled module. The module provides hidden access to the cloak, powder-room, cellar, scullery and refrigerator/freezer. The combined use of extensive glass, timber, stone, floating and hidden cabinetry throughout has ensured an internal environment that truly invites you to ‘stay’. Brilliant!!

2 awards

    • 2019 Winner

Moat's Corner

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    • 2018 Winner

Morell Street

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    • 2016 Winner

Sorrento House 1

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    • 2014 Commendation


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    • 2013 Winner

The Eyrie

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    • 2012 Winner


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    • 2012 Commendation


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    • 2011 Commendation


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    • 2011 Winner


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