Clever Design

This project provides the viewer with a transformation of existing to new in a bold and inspiring manner. As could be expected, the existing site came with many constraints and problems that were required to be solved in order to provide the clients with an end result that is now in itself a landmark. Words like ‘dynamic’ and ‘innovative’ describe the design, which encapsulate the ethos of thinking outside the box and taking risks. The designer worked with the clients to meet their requirements to create an ‘identity’ with the eventual response definitely living up to that with an approach that provides end users with an experience in creativity and skill. The use of materials and cladding externally enhance the stylised built-form, while also being used to intentionally camouflage building elements, providing privacy and maintaining the aesthetic. Materials and design styles are used exceptionally well internally to delineate spaces and divides for the clientele. Within these spaces, users will find themselves in awe, and fascinated by the shape and activity of all elements within. This design now occupies a space as an iconic building; it is bold, fresh, and in some ways reminiscent of the ‘American diner’ while showing to all how creativity in design can work, even with site and surrounding limitations. Commercial designers, all designers should take the challenge to be bold and innovative, make a presence and be seen. The clients wanted a ‘wow’ factor and that is exactly what they got. A very worthy winner….congratulations.

1 award

    • 2016 Winner

Batman House

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    • 2014 Winner

Chilled Form

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    • 2013 Winner

Rumney Rest

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    • 2012 Winner

Out There

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    • 2011 Commendation

7A Urban Footprint

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