Melbourne Water Administration Building

Pavan Consultants

The winner in this category presents a commercial design where its ‘form’ allows ‘functionality’, designing a ‘state of the art’ building that empathises with the site context. The organic approach to the design implementing curvature to the shape is a design feature that works, and is implemented both externally and internally. The prominent roof structure is accentuated by the highlight windows that give it a feel and vision of separation for the walled structure below. The use of corrugated cladding and corrugated rainwater tanks present features to this design that may not have had the same presence if another material was used. While the design emanates a feeling of the rural environment, it is still quite rightly a modern commercial building. The design is a feature of itself, providing a fan-like expression of its presence on the site; the construct and eventual outcome is one to be appraised for its visuals, aspect and treatment of the site. A worthy winner.

2 awards

    • 2011 Winner

St John Bosco Primary School – New Multi-Purpose Centre

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