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The ‘Mercer’ home on a corner site in Newtown was unanimously voted the winner of this category. It's hard to see what remains of the original dwelling, with the new works creating a whole new life from the old and tired house. The slope of the site, whilst presenting difficulties, has allowed the designer to be creative with a timber façade, which makes a statement, whilst providing purpose. The majority of the existing lower storey and sound sub-floor structure was utilised in the new design. An undeniable street presence was created with a striking timber-lined shape creating an extreme line interfacing with the longest street boundary, before returning with a dynamic composition of shape and form to Pakington Street. The children’s bedrooms and associated rumpus area have been thoughtfully zoned from the introduced master bedroom on the upper-third storey. Interior warmth has been created with a battened timber lined feature wall, which camouflages doorways within. The kitchen and entertainment areas carry a clean line and palette. The central streamlined kitchen is void of handles and inconspicuously incorporates a scullery. A clear glass splashback gives a sneak-peak to the battened timber feature wall behind. A total transformation has occurred, the result being an amazing recreation of space and form.

1 award

    • 2019 Winner

Moat's Corner

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    • 2018 Winner

Morell Street

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    • 2016 Winner

Sorrento House 1

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    • 2014 Commendation


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    • 2013 Winner

The Eyrie

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    • 2012 Winner


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    • 2012 Commendation


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    • 2011 Winner

Kew House 3

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    • 2011 Commendation


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