Narbeth Restoration

R L Watts Design Pty Ltd

This project demonstrates an approach to heritage conservation where new and existing fabric are discernible on close inspection only. This is an appropriately sensitive approach for a fragile building at Sorrento dating from 1844. The original limestone cottage retains prominence, in line with the requirements of the local planning scheme, with a respectful limestone addition constructed to the side and rear. The addition is of similar form and scale to the original building, but is recognisable as new through avoidance of replication of original decorative detail and inclusion of windows in a modern form. In line with accepted conservation practice, careful consideration is given to the treatment of the existing roof form, which is maintained as a separate entity. Beyond the limestone addition the new work takes on a contemporary form and plan, and uses limestone feature walls to make reference to the significant fabric. The project has successfully preserved a significant building that has an important role in illustrating the history of the area.

1 award