Old Dairy Town

Designers By Nature

This house, at Illowa in south-west Victoria, is so at ease in its surrounding landscape – its 'hunkered down' position ensures minimal visual impact on its environment. The design response provides a protected haven whilst availing its occupants splendid views to the south, and at the same time makes full use of the northern aspect. Excellent environmental credentials and a high energy rating guarantee minimum ongoing running costs. A robust but minimal palette of natural finishes, used both externally and internally, creates a bold, simple statement, serving to emphasise the grandeur that is apparent through the vast expanses of glazing along the north and south façades. This minimalist approach is also reflected in the long, sparing forms of the building, creating a total effect of expansiveness and ease, symbolic of its shoreline location.

1 award

    • 2016 Winner

Battery Point

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    • 2015 Winner

Coastal Exposure

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    • 2012 Winner

Mountain View

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