Project Napier

JFK Design Landscape / Buildings / Interiors

At only 3.2m wide and with a total area of 82sqm, housing lots don’t get much smaller than this. This tiny house presents as a quaint and meek semi-detached terrace. But once inside, the designer has transformed it into a brilliant example of how to balance heritage values with the desire for modern amenity.

1 award

Interior zones, defined by a variety of floor and ceiling heights, hidden amenities and clever interior design ensures the open-plan ground floor footprint appears to expand before you. The two bedrooms, bathroom and study nook at first floor, combined with the ‘Tardis-like’ ground floor attributes and floor-to-ceiling glassed connection to the rear courtyard ensures this little beauty punches well above its weight.

    • 2017 Winner

Project Carlisle

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    • 2016 Winner

Taking it to the Bank

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    • 2014 Winner

Glyde Residence

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