Red Hill House

Dankor Architecture

The designer has converted this uninhabitable asbestos-clad shack into a contemporary abode, utilising the best aspects and opportunities that the site had to offer. The transformation is absolute. The new lounge and living spaces have been reorientated to maximise significant distant views through the extensive use of glass. Sweeping decks surround the dwelling, expanding the internal space into the exterior, and providing a physical connection to a retained, rustic, corrugated iron studio. The selected materials sit comfortably in this rural setting. The extensive use of timber throughout, including detailed timber eave lining, has resulted in a warmth that matches this location. The designer continues this natural warmth inside. Timber lining on walls and ceilings, and a floating fireplace, ensure the open plan lounge and living space is an ideal nesting place in winter, yet can be opened up to fully utilise the surrounding external decking area in warming months. Creative and thoughtful use of material and finishes throughout the kitchen and bathroom areas, including the extensive use of packing ply and wine boxes (for light fittings) brings a unique playful finish to the project. The start and end points of this project are chalk and cheese. The attention to detail, thoughtful and creative building and interior design, have resulted in the creation of a house with which its owner has surely fallen in love

2 awards