Richmond Hill House

Rachcoff Vella Architecture Pty Ltd

The extension to the existing red brick 1930s house is a contrasting form that demonstrates how old and new can occupy the same space comfortably. In response to heritage overlay and streetscape restrictions, the distinction between new and old is dramatically defined with contrasting brick colours. The new silver brickwork offers a sense of lightness in contrast to the black timber of the ground floor façade. Shadows and splashes of light are formed by the open weave brickwork, and create a dramatic, ephemeral effect within. The ever-changing patterns of sunlight on internal walls and floors add delight to the beautiful white and timber interior spaces.

1 award

    • 2019 Winner

Firewood and Candles

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    • 2018 Winner


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    • 2015 Winner


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    • 2013 Winner


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