St John Bosco Primary School – New Multi-Purpose Centre

Pavan Consultants

The new addition to St John Bosco’s Primary School has provided a new multi-purpose and learning centre to cater for the School’s growing needs and public use for private functions after hours. The interior of the new multi-purpose space is embraced with its curved form. Interest is created by the diamond-shaped windows that allow the light to playfully spill in different patterns throughout the day. Yet the foundation of this flexible learning interior is a well-designed floor plan that adapts itself to support the different uses of the facility for learning and other activities. The colourful perspex public entry canopy, and the dynamic multi-colour curved canopy to the multi-purpose hall in related colours both playful define a sense of arrival and fun. These vibrant colours are also used creatively in the cabinetry design, playfully on loose furniture, and as select architectural trim colours which effectively link the exterior scheme with the interior colour scheme. Irregular shaped windows add to the success of these interiors by influencing the way the light bathes the spaces. St John Bosco Primary School’s new multi-purpose centre is a playful, exciting and creative interior that lends itself for school and public activities, for which it has been designed.

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    • 2011 Winner

Melbourne Water Administration Building

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