St Mary’s Primary School, Echuca

CBA Building Designers

The winner of this category has designed a project from a design brief that in its essence encapsulates the needs for the local community, its indigenous heritage and the history of the eventual occupiers. The design outcome portrays all aspects of this brief in a built form that is modernistic, organic, reverent, while displaying symbolic recognition of the indigenous heritage. Undertaking designs that have a public context and outcome can be a very difficult undertaking; scrutiny may and does come in many shapes and forms. The designers have excelled in their approach to all the intricacies that populate community-based projects. The elemental components of the design in its site arrangement and elevated structures present in a contextualised visual where separation of form is negated by selection of materials and design choices. The incorporation of murals, insignia and a ‘History Wall’ indicate to the onlooker the importance of this design to all, providing an inspiring response to a brief. Congratulations to the winners and to the real winners in this context: ‘The Community’. A very well deserved outcome for all.

1 award

    • 2017 Winner


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