The designers here really thought ‘outside the box’ and have used a running theme of timber cuboid combinations by way of stompboxes and other timber forms to create a bold twist on an old circa 1900’s dwelling. Whilst careful consideration and retention of the heritage aspects of the Victorian cottage were part of the design brief, the professional clients also requested a modern and workable internal space. The front façade gives little hint as to what lies beyond. The entry hall reveals a definition between the old and new with a glimpse of what’s to come. One step into the kitchen lounge area reveals the transition which is now complete. An extensive use of timber is a statement and is no better displayed than in the quirky but very usable ensuite and pantry box rooms. Sandblasted Oregon and Messmate abound. Lines are clean, the palette simple and inviting, and the use of space on this confined allotment well thought out to combine indoor and outdoor living areas. The result is an airy, light filled house, with both the charm of the old and the practicality and WOW of the contemporary. A worthy winner indeed!

1 award