The Family Bathroom

First Impressions Projects Pty Ltd

A functional bathroom with a strong family connection, yet has the ability to function as a complete wet area, with children being able to splash away to their hearts’ content. Integrating the bathroom with privacy, yet clear glazing allows garden element views. This bathroom has an uncluttered look with an attention to detail in all aspects. This project is a complete transformation within the existing space, featuring extensive use of modular timber ceramic tiles for the floor, bath hob, sunken bath and up wall and wrapping window sills. A glass image of the clients’ children fills an entire wall and conceals three shaving cabinets, giving a true family feeling. The design encapsulates the individual family feel, with the expansive glass splashback with image. The use of timber ceramic tiles used as flooring (with underfloor electric heating), wrapping up bath hob, down into the deep sunken bath, up wall and into windows creates a seamless warm timber look and provides a complete wet area. Strategically placed light boxes within the rear tiled wall bathe the room with light, provide glimpses of bamboo, and offer privacy. A glass image of the clients’ children cleverly completes one wall, concealing three shaving cabinets, continuing into the bath, below floor line, adding to the beach feel when filled with water.

1 award

    • 2012 Winner

Williamstown Project

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