The Malvern Project

Royston Wilson Design

The client brief was simple – make the addition look like it had always been there. And what an amazing result! Originally designed as a guest suite, it is now the master suite due to the final outcome. Although not large in size, it has been created with the utmost luxury in mind. Serving both as an ensuite and WIR, it has natural lighting from a light well in this space. Almost discarded as a ‘folly’, the clients now realise the important part that it plays in this ensuite. With size constraints and a ‘wish list’ that needed to be fulfilled, good design was of the utmost importance. No separation between bedroom and WIR/bathroom was wanted. A beautiful view needed to be created which would give a first impression that made you want to proceed inside. Once inside, you cannot help but go deeper towards the light well and its glass sculpture, then maybe touch the marble wall, marvel at the shape of the overhead shower or just look at the beauty of the basin mixer and basin.

1 award