Urban Oasis

Nagy Design Pty Ltd

Urban Oasis epitomises innovative thinking when it comes to its glass use.

1 award

Nagydesign uses the material to not only create a visual oasis in the city but also a contemporary home that accommodates the health and physical needs of the client’s family. Using glass, Nagydesign has effectively incorporated an indoor hydrotherapy pool into the living area, bringing the outdoors inside and providing essential transparency for the parents to keep an eye on the children while they play.


The glass plays another role in bringing natural sunlight to the centre of the house through a generous central void creating an intimate and comforting environment for the family. While effectively addressing all the occupants’ needs, Nagydesign has not compromised on style, creating an interesting and unique look which stands out and differentiates itself from neighbouring homes.

    • 2017 Winner

M8 Project

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