White House, Beaumaris

In2 Pty Ltd

This category had a number of outstanding entries which made the decision difficult; however, after much discussion and debate over the merits of each area of the criteria, it was decided that that this Beaumaris project, which used skilful design and spatial planning techniques, was the winner. The design approach to this corner site engaged in an innovative response to create two very interesting façades to address the street. The building reaches to the north adopting a striking copper façade to patina to a softer look over time and, to the west, a solid grounding element is separated to the upper floor to give the upper floor a floating appearance. The well-defined entry area cleverly uses screening devices to diffuse the west sun but allows this void area to remain a light filled space. Further to the south west, the ground floor living area is protected by the upper storey over croft, and this also allows for the seamless indoor/outdoor space to work well with the pool being a feature. The use of slot windows to the upper west façade articulates this bold solid element, and achieves light filled spaces while considering the hot westerly sun. The use of white walls to this façade is also a good use of colour to achieve reflectivity. The interiors have been well resolved to create very interesting and enjoyable spaces throughout. The kitchen flows well, and the bathrooms are elegant, playful and practical in their layouts. The indoor living area flows seamlessly to the outside pool and the rear yard. Overall, this dwelling is inspiring in its use of space planning, material use, and cleaver design and is well deserving of winner in this category.

1 award

    • 2017 Commendation

Fold House

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