BDAV 2014 10-Star Challenge

Double Century House wins the BDAV 2014 10-Star Challenge

Ande Bunbury Architects won the BDAV 10-Star Challenge 2014 for their Double Century House submission.

The ‘Double Century House’ is the complete package, combining an innovative material palette, an interesting design and a sustainable approach into a seamless whole.

The Judges of the Challenge said “The design for this 130sqm home on a suburban site for the Melbourne climate zone is admirable and well proportioned. Spaces are interesting, liveable and functional, and the design lends itself to adaptability over the building’s lifetime.”

Environmental design considerations are evident in the use of rammed earth walls, recycled timber and a small footprint that leaves enough open space for a productive garden. Particular emphasis was placed on the building’s longevity. With many residential buildings expected to last 40 years, designing for adaptability and specifying a 200-year life removes embodied energy from the equation. This design paid attention to many other aspects of sustainable design, including good solar passive design, the incorporation of renewable energy, cross-flow ventilation and an indoor garden courtyard, transport and waste reuse measures.

The Double Century House delivers in detail an affordable way to build a highly sustainable home. It requires less construction materials, less appliances, less furniture, less energy for heating and cooling, and less cleaning and maintenance of the building fabric. The Double Century combines all the ordinary elements in an inspirational way.

The other finalists in this year’s 10 Star Challenge were:

  • F2 Design in collaboration with Ben Adams and Leonie Dixon for ‘The Nissan Hut’;
  • Maxa Design for ‘Geraldton’;
  • Maxa Design for ‘Star Fire’;
  • Elemental Building Design for ‘Block House’.


We acknowledge, with thanks, the sponsors and supporters of the BDAV‘s 2014 10-Star Challenge:

  • Kingspan Insulation
  • bankmecu
  • Paarhammer Windows
  • Sanctuary Magazine
  • Sustainability House