BDAV Meets with Victorian Government Architect

BDAV holds fruitful discussion with Victorian Government Architect

The BDAV recently met with the Victorian Government Architect, Mr Geoffrey London. BDAV’s delegation comprised President, Darryl Crumpton; Vice-President, Tim Adams, and Executive Officer, Brian Morison.

Discussions centred around the role of the Victorian Government Architect which is basically to ensure that the State Government embraces good architectural design in the private and public sectors.

The Office of the Victorian Government Architect does not represent the interest of architects but, rather, the interests of architectural design, and therefore Mr London is interested in understanding the skills set of building designers in contributing to good design

Geoffrey London is particularly interested in providing Victorians with a diversity of housing designs, with particular emphasis on medium to high density housing that satisfies quality of life, social and sustainable built environment issues.

It was agreed that the BDAV and the Office of Victorian Government Architect would establish a stronger relationship in order to ensure BDAV is aware of the initiatives and policy directions of the Victorian Government so that the BDAV can make a contribution to the debate about housing policy settings by government.

The BDAV indicated it will invite Mr London to be a guest speaker at one of our forthcoming CPD events.

All in all, it was a fruitful discussion.