BDAV’s New Committee of Management

The BDAV’s new Committee of Management was installed at the BDAV's 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Meet the New Committee

Lindsay Douglas – the BDAV’s new President – and Dominique Hunter (Vice-President) will head a nine-person Committee, elected to advance the building design profession and its standing in community, industry and government.

Lindsay Douglas has more than 20 years’ experience in design and architecture and has held a long association with BDAV, as a member of the Committee since 2012 and also with a number of projects by his award-winning rm recognised in the BDAV’s annual Building Design Awards.

Dominique Hunter is a registered interior designer with more than 20 years’ experience across Australia and has been a Committee member since 2006, including the last eight years as Treasurer.

BDAV’s CEO, Kate Bell, said the new Committee of Management re ected the progressive and collaborative vision of the peak body.

“BDAV has undergone many changes over the last 30 years, and our membership today is involved in all aspects of the building design profession, including the design of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and all other types of buildings,” Ms Bell said.

“Lindsay and Dominique apply passion, creativity and experience to projects that improve the quality of Victoria’s built environment, and both believe strongly in a uni ed approach when it comes to design.

“The combined experience of the new Committee – and their longstanding relationships across the industry – will ensure we continue to be a leading voice for the building design profession in Victoria.

“We look forward to working with the new Committee, as we enter an exciting new chapter for our members.”

Lindsay Douglas – BDAV President

Lindsay has been principal at multi-award-winning firm Dig Design since 2002. He has been a BDAV member for 14 years, and has served on the Committee of Management for four years, the past two as Vice-President. He also sits on the VBA Stakeholder Reference Group and has passionately defended and maintained the interests of Building Designers in the proposed Apartment Guidelines. He is passionate about design and the built environment, and cares deeply about the issues that impact those people involved in building design – the members of the BDAV. Lindsay aims to continue to work on behalf of all BDAV members and stand up for members’ rights, careers, small businesses and work opportunities.

Dominique Hunter – BDAV Vice-President

Dominique is the Design Director of Hunter & Richards – a specialist Interior Design business established in 1999 with Antony Richards. She personally works together with each of her clients to develop living spaces that are timeless, elegant and practical. Dominique has served on the Committee of Management for the past ten years, eight of which as Treasurer. She is also a long-standing member of the DIA. Dominique is committed to strengthening the relationships between building practitioners and the promotion of our professional services with the public and others in industry.

Ingrid Hornung – BDAV Treasurer

Ingrid has been a member of the BDAV since 2002, working as a sole practitioner. Her professional focus is on residential design, and she shares CHI Design Studio in Brunswick with two other design businesses. She has relied on the BDAV throughout the development of her business. She has served on both the Practice Notes Committee and the Committee of Management over the last four years. “I appreciate the opportunity to give back to what I believe is one of the best professional member associations out there.”

Alastair McDonald – Immediate Past President

Alastair’s design career commenced in 1999 in an architectural  rm in Bendigo. He then established his own building design firm in 2001. Now, as founding Director of Ecotecture Design Group, he leads a team of five building designers in Echuca. An active member of the BDAV since 2002, Alastair was the BDAV Central Victoria Coordinator between 2009-2014. He was elected to the Committee of Management in 2010 and served as President from October 2014 to October 2016. He serves on the National Association of Building Designers’ Committee, and also on the Building Advisory Council for the Victorian Government. His focus has been to increase the awareness of building designers, the recognition of our profession and is committed to grow the Association both at state level and nationally.

Marc Bernstein-Hussman – Committee Member

Marc has been on the BDAV Committee of Management since 2014. He also sits on the BDAV’s Energy & Sustainability Hub, to help push all matters sustainable. He won the BDAV’s Building Design of the Year in 2014. Marc is director of multi-award-winning Melbourne Design Studios. As well as being a Member of the BDAV, he is also registered as an architect in Europe. As a Certi ed Passive House Designer and the only accredited Thermal Performance Assessor on the BDAV’s management committee, Marc is a passionate voice for both sustainability and excellence in design on the Committee.

Timothy Ellis – Committee Member

Tim is a small- business member managing Glow Design Group, with a background in teaching and sustainable design. His motto is ‘Building through new ideas’. Tim has served on the BDAV Committee of Management since March 2014, and enjoys supporting initiatives, representing BDAV and working towards building a larger membership base. His aim on the Committee is to retain and support members and looks to the future by encouraging new student members as well as developing a diverse membership whilst continuing to ‘build through new ideas.’

Andrew Ferris – Committee Member

Andrew is a specialist in planning development applications. He brings 21 years of experience to the table with a passion for improvement to the planning system at local and State levels. He has served on the Committee of Management since October 2014. Andrew has represented the BDAV with submissions on the Bayside C140 proposal, and provided input on both the proposed apartment guidelines and changes to the Smart Planning Program. His focus on the BDAV Committee lies in the ‘nitty-gritty’ issues that affect the daily issues of designers and protecting members’ livelihood.

Peter Lombo – Committee Member

Peter has been a BDAV Member since 1993. He graduated from RMIT University in 1986, following which he worked for five years in high-pro le architect firms. He founded Archsign as a sole practitioner, growing the business to a team of 30 today. Peter’s astute understanding and appreciation for small-end business – and also at a larger end of town – brings a wealth of knowledge to design and construction. Embracing both older and younger generations, Peter’s mantra is to ‘document not just draw plans’.

Sven Maxa – Committee Member

Sven runs Maxa Design, multi-award-winning building designers specialising in innovative, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. With over 20 years’ experience, Sven has been an Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor, is a Certi ed Passivhaus Designer, and his passion and experience is the driving force in developing designs for his  rm that make a point of difference. He has served on the BDAV Committee of Management for the past three years. He is HIA Greensmart accredited, has completed RMIT Green Building and design courses, is an ATA member, and is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter on sustainable building design and energy efficiency.

BDAV Committee of Management 2016-2018
BDAV Committee of Management 2016-2018