Building Interim Regulations 2017

The Building Interim Regulations 2017 came into operation on 4 June 2017, replacing the Building Regulations 2006

The Building Interim Regulations 2017 came into operation on 4 June 2017, replacing the Building Regulations 2006  in substantially the same form. Minor amendments have been made to update references to legislation, planning schemes, government departments, the National Construction Code, and Australian Standards, and to reflect current drafting practice.

  • Australian Standards – References to Australian Standards in regulations 105, 607, 613, 707, 709 and 710 have been revised to reflect current drafting practice.
  • National Construction Code – Throughout the regulations, a reference to an ‘alternative solution’ has been changed to a ‘performance solution’, to reflect the current language of the NCC.
  • References to Planning Schemes updated – References to planning schemes have been updated to account for recent planning scheme amendments. 76 planning schemes that have applied the Residential Growth Zone, the General Residential Zone or the Neighbourhood Residential Zone are referenced. Where a planning scheme applies a schedule to the Mixed Use Zone or Township Zone, those zones are also specified.
  • Other changes – Transitional provisions provide for continuity between the operation of the Building Regulations 2006 and the Building Interim Regulations 2017.
    References to legislation have been updated in regulations 105, 305, 801, 1003 and 1805, and in Form 8 in Schedule 2 to the Regulations. Notes to items 1 and 4 in Schedule 8 have also been updated.
  • There are also minor editorial changes that do not affect the operation of the regulations.

BDAV has updated the following practice notes to reflect these changes, and they are available in the MEMBER area of our website:

  • TN001 Domestic Checklist
  • TN002 General Notes for Residential Works
  • TN003 General Notes for Demolition of Residential Works
  • TN004 General Notes for Commercial Works
  • TN007 Setbacks from Neighbours North Facing Windows
  • TN008 Siting Compliance Report
  • TN009 Side and Rear Boundary Setbacks
  • TN010 Siting Overlays
  • TN013 Regulation 608
  • TN017 General Notes for Residential Interior Works
  • TN049 Domestic Building Inspection Checklist