Call for Case Studies

Leaders in building energy performance invited to submit residential case studies

The Building Code Energy Performance Trajectory is aiming to develop a forward trajectory for future energy performance targets for new construction. The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and ClimateWorks Australia invite the industry to contribute a range of case studies of existing residential buildings that already meet energy performance levels beyond what is required by the current National Construction Code (NCC).

Submissions close Tuesday, 26 September 2017

This initiative intends to present a number of different building case studies that provide a snapshot of leading low-energy buildings across all sectors, sizes, locations and energy performance levels (ranging from just above current standards all the way to net zero energy or carbon).

The purpose of these case studies is to:

  • Demonstrate feasibility:
    Show that the future energy performance levels proposed by the Trajectory – both the end targets and the steps along the way – are achievable and cost-effective across a range of building types, climate zones, sites/orientations and business models (e.g. large developers, volume builders, small home builders);
  • Highlight challenges and solutions:
    Explore the challenges faced by project teams in achieving high energy performance, and how these were overcome, with a particular focus on known technical issues (e.g. condensation and ventilation) and on the experience of builders;
  • Highlight the non-energy benefits:
    Demonstrate the multiple benefits of high energy performance including cost savings and health improvements; and
  • Profile innovative design approaches:
    Profile the innovative design strategies taken to achieve higher energy performance levels in different building types and climate zones, while maintaining or improving amenity for occupants.

All case studies should have one or more of the following:

  • Data available (either simulated or measured) that demonstrate their energy performance level and the costs and benefits of higher energy performance.
  • Quotes from involved practitioners, particularly builders, and/or people who would be willing to be interviewed.
  • Photographs or other media content.

Practitioners who have ideas for case studies that you would like to contribute, please either:

  1. email Michael Li directly at michael.li@climateworksaustralia.org or
  2. fill in this online form by CLICKING HERE and you will be contacted.

Note that this request is separate and parallel to the work being undertaken by the Australian Building Codes Board to develop case studies specific to the proposed updates to Volume Two of the NCC 2019.

These case studies will be featured in an Interim Report to be launched towards the end of 2017, which responds to an Issues Paper on this project, issued in July 2017.

All queries to Michael Li, Project Manager at ClimateWorks at michael.li@climateworksaustralia.org.