Changes to BDAV TPA Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Thermal Performance Assessors Accredited with BDAV has been updated

The TPA Code of Conduct has been updated and is now available via the below link.

In summary the changes are:

  • The requirement to complete a minimum number of assessments per annum has been removed.  This was formerly located at clause 6.2 ©.
  • If a TPA is suspended for not meeting their administrative requirements they will be required to pay a TPA Reinstatement Fee (see clause 2.2 h).  This fee, set by the Committee of Management, will be published on the application form and will be applied from 1 November 2018.The TPA Reinstatement Fee has been introduced due to the administration time required when some TPAs opt not to meet their obligations, but then comply after deadlines, for example:
    – pay BDAV Membership Fee by 30 June;
    – supply a current Professional Indemnity Certificate of Certificate;
    – meet the annual renewal requirements by 1 November including CPD and accreditation fee payment;
    – comply with other AAO requests.
  • Other minor grammatical and formatting amendments.