Cladding-Related Certificates Withdrawn

CodeMark Withdraws Nine Cladding-Related Certificates

The Victorian Building Authority issued an Industry Alert in February 2019 advising that CertMark International – a product-certification body under the CodeMark Scheme – has withdrawn nine certificates for cladding systems, including aluminium composite panels (ACP) and expanded polystyrene (EPS). This means these certificates cannot be relied upon as evidence of suitability. The VBA is seeking information in relation to the circumstances of withdrawal by CMI. In the meantime, certificate holders are obliged under CodeMark Australia rules to notify existing customers of this withdrawal. To read the alert, click on the link at the end of this article.

The BDAV sought guidance about the withdrawal of CodeMark certificates from our preferred insurer, Webber Insurance, who advised as follows:

  • The withdrawal will only affect projects currently under construction where this product is used after 20th February 2019.
  • If the project is currently underway, we would suggest consideration be given to its removal with replacement being of a non-combustible material.
  • If the project has been completed already, there is no exposure as it was legal to use at the time.
  • There has been news that some of the material that was imported under one particular certificate had been substituted with an inferior product.
  • In light of this, you need to contact CertMark International on 1800 237 862 for further instruction on each withdrawal.
  • Keep an eye on this space as the VBA are seeking further information in relation to the circumstances of withdrawal by CertMark International.
  • The BDAV will advise members once any update from the VBA has come through.
  • Please contact your PI insurance company directly also to find out what their specific recommendations are.