Communication is the Key

Good communications is vital in the design process

The BDAV regularly fields complaints from consumers about their dissatisfaction with their designers – more often, not BDAV Members. One factor that is very evident is the poor communications that some designers have with their clients. Again, the most recent spate of these have not involved BDAV Members.

However, it is timely for us to remind Members that good communications is vital in the design process.

If you find the project delayed for whatever reason, keep your client informed. This not only allays their concerns if their project is running behind schedule, but also instils a level of confidence in the designer in having kept the client informed throughout the process.

By communicating regularly with your client, it may also assist to avoid any blowouts in the relationship, and may also result in the client complimenting you to their family and friends, which may in turn result in additional work for you.

Good communication is important in all walks of life, but in the design process, when many clients are unsure of the steps involved in the process, it is vital.