Company Registration Update

Faster Processing Times for Company Registration

The Victorian Building Authority has received a higher than expected number of company registration applications since 1 July 2018 and, as a result, has revised its original processing timeframes.

Currently, timeframes for processing these applications are six to eight weeks. In response, the VBA is implementing a range of improvements to reduce application processing times to two to three weeks.

The VBA expects these improvements will be in place within four weeks.

How can you help the VBA process your application as quickly as possible?

To ensure a smoother registration process:

  • Complete your national police check in a timely manner.
  • Ensure your application form is completed accurately before submitting.
  • Ensure all current directors complete the Director’s Declaration as required.
  • Respond efficiently if the VBA requests additional information.

If you are renewing your application:

  • Ensure you submit your renewal application prior to your company registration expiry date.
  • By doing this, your company’s registration will remain valid while the VBA assesses your renewal application.

If your renewal application is submitted after your company registration expiry date, your registration will no longer be valid and your application will be treated as a new application.

What next?

The VBA is currently contacting all practitioners who have submitted a valid company registration renewal application to confirm that they can continue using their company’s registration number to:

  • enter into major domestic building contracts;
  • be named as a builder on a building permit for major domestic building work or any other work costing more than $10,000; or
  • be appointed as a relevant building surveyor (if their individual registration allows this).

The VBA appreciates your patience, while they work to deliver process improvements that will ensure the VBA delivers a quality and timely service for the building industry.

If you have any questions, please contact
the VBA Customer Service Centre by calling 1300 815 127 or
email them at customerservice@vba.vic.gov.au.